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How to use Connect to Support Manchester

There are three main areas you'll use in Connect to Support.

Where I live

This is the homepage for the Connect to Support Manchester site.

Once you have visited it for the first time, the website should remember you when you return and always display this page. However, you can access it by going to www.connecttosupport.org/manchester

In this area you can:

  • Search and shop - Find products, services, activities and support to meet your needs.
  • Find information and advice - A link takes you to the relevant part of the Manchester City Council website.
  • Read help - Find out how to search, shop and manage your budget.

You can always get back to the homepage by clicking 'Where I live' in the menu at the top of the page or by clicking the 'Connect to Support Manchester' logo in the top left corner of the page.

Manchester Search and Shop

In this area you can:

How to search:

  • By clicking on 'Search', you are able to browse products and service to buy online. You can browse through the categories that are listed, or you can type in a word.
  • From the search results, you can click on each tile to read about that product or service. For more information about the provider, click on the 'visit store' button which is next to the price.
  • To search for local groups & activities that are normally free or low-cost (instead of products and services to buy online), follow the same first steps, but click on the tab called 'Search local groups and activities' in order to display these.

How to buy products:

If you are buying a product you:

  • Click on 'Add to Basket'.
  • Order the product - the Connect to Support system guides you through this.
  • Pay for your product - Connect to Support then creates an invoice for your purchase.

You'll receive your product once your payment has been received.

You can view all of your orders in the 'My Account' area.

How to buy services:

Once you've found a service that you are interested in, you can click on 'request more information' to send a message or question direct to the relevant provider. When you get a response, it will be shown in the 'My Account' area. You are not committing to purchase it at this stage.

If you want to buy a service you:

  • Click on 'Add to Basket'.
  • Order the service - the Connect to Support system guides you through this, and gives you the option of creating a one-off order or a 'schedule' of recurring orders.
  • Receive the service, after which Connect to Support will create an invoice for you to pay.
  • Pay for your service - either via Connect to Support (credit/debit card) or manually (e.g. by cheque or online banking).

You can view all of your orders and invoices in the 'My Account' area of Connect to Support.

The buyers guide:

This contains information to help you make sensible buying decisions.

How to leave feedback:

To leave a review of a product or service that you have purchased, click on the 'feedback' tile and complete the form and then click on 'submit'.

My Account

This area contains information about you and your orders.

In this area you can:

  • Amend your personal details and change your password.
  • Review and manage your orders and purchases.
  • Manage your social care budget.

My Details:
My Details contains a record of your personal details. You can also change your Connect to Support password here.

My Orders:
My Orders contains a record of all orders you have placed through Connect to Support. You can track the progress of your orders, amend an order or process any invoices that you have (e.g. pay them). More detailed information about My Orders can be accessed from the shop4support help section.

My Budget:
If you have a personal budget that is funded by Manchester City Council, you may be able to view your funding statement to see how much money you have left.

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