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Carers self assessment

A Carer’s Assessment is the best way to identify the sorts of support which would be most beneficial to you. You will find a broad range of organisations, as well as groups, activities and information and advice here.  Find out more about Carers Assesments here. You can complete the form online or if you would prefer to speak to someone you can call our contact officers on 0161 234 5001 to ask for an assessment. Carers are entitled to an assessment even if the person they care for doesn’t receive services themselves.

The Carer’s Assessment lets you explain how caring impacts on your health and wellbeing, and helps you consider what would happen if you were unable to care for whatever reason, including developing a Carer’s Emergency Plan.

Completing this form takes about 10 minutes. 

You can save the form at any time, but you will need to create an account to do so

Whether you pay for your care or receive funding towards its cost, Connect to Support gives you the control and choice to meet your needs in the way that best suits you. You'll find a broad range of organisations here, as well as groups, activities, information and advice.

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